When you open J2e, you will see many 'tiles' to choose from.  Please use the 'how to' videos below to see how best to use each of the tiles.

Using J2e Camera and JiT

 A great video explaining how to use JiT features.  Try watching a small section and having a go.

  • J2e Camera (1m - 2m30s)

  • JiT Write (2m30s - 4m43s)

  • JiT Paint (4m43s - 6m36s)

  • JiT Turtle (6m36s - 8m22s)

  • JiT Chart (8m22s - 9m23s)

  • JiT Pictogram (9m23s - 13m2s)

  • JiT Animate (13m2s - 16m29s)

  • JiT Branching (16m29s - 19m49s)

  • JiT Mix (19m49s - 22m29s)

Using J2e5

A helpful video explaining how to use J2e5 features. This video shows you how to use a more advanced media editing software.  We would normally use this with children in KS2 (Years 3-6).  Try watching and pausing the video to having a go!

Using J2Blast

A great feature of the J2e suite, J2Blast allows children to play learning games to improve their spelling and times tables.

Using J2Code

J2code supports children from Y1-6 to develop coding skills.  Use the lesson plans to guide you through.