Drop-off and Pick-up

Thank you for your on-going cooperation and support as we work to ensure that drop-off and pick-up times run as smoothly and safely as possible.  Due to the improvements we have noticed throughout this week, we are changing the drop-off and pick-up times for some classes from Monday 14th September.  We hope that this means that some parents will not have such a large gap between siblings’ drop-off/pick-up times.

However, it will be very important that parents do not arrive too early as this will likely compromise social distancing. Parents arriving too early may be asked to move away from pick-up/drop-off points to allow other parents to wait safely.  It is also important that you do not arrive late.   If your child is late, they will not be allowed to enter with the other contact group (i.e. the next classes arriving).

We recommend that you wear a face covering when collecting your child and ask that you:

  • Do not come too early

  • Maintain social distance from other parents and children

  • Are respectful to others

  • Do not come in to collect children in groups – one adult to collect a child only

  • Consider an active journey to school

  • If you have no option but to travel by car, please park safely and legally, allowing plenty of room for pedestrians to pass.