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Team Around the Family

Information for parents

What is TAF?

Team Around the Family (TAF) is a support service for you and your family. It has been shown that it is best when families identify themselves the positive changes that they wish to make to family life. TAF will support families to make these changes. This can lead to more positive futures for their children.

What will my TAF worker do?

Your TAF worker will:

  •  Work with your family to look at the changes you would like to make to improve family life.
  • Agree an action plan, which sets out how you will achieve these changes and who will be responsible for each action.
  • Help your family to feel more confident, so that you can maintain these changes in the future without needing their support.
  • Tell you about other support services that may also help you work on your plan.
  • Make you feel comfortable about using the service again if you have problems in the future

How can I access the service?

Any professional already working with your family can refer you to us (with your permission). Before they do this, they will talk to you about what changes you would like to make and what support you think you will need. You will need to:

  • Sign a consent form for us to begin working with you
  • Let your TAF worker know if you no longer need their support (you can withdraw from our support at anytime)


As a rule the information which you and your family provide will only be shared with your agreement. However there may be certain times when the people working with you need to share your information without your agreement, for example to help a child who is at risk of harm, or to help prevent or detect a serious crime.

If you would like more information please contact:

Team Around the Family (TAF)

Flying Start Centre,

Cross Park,


Pembroke Dock

SA72 6SW

Tel: (01437) 770023






Since June 2008 PATCH has been giving free food parcels, clothing and household items to those in a financial crisis in Pembrokeshire. We work closely with our referral agencies to help those that are experiencing hardship through perhaps a delay in benefits, fire, theft and escaping emergency situations.

Together we value, we hope, we give, we achieve